Plastic free July

I joined the movement Plastic free July to challenge my self to start thinking actively about plastic waste again. Our take out in food boxes we bought last night tied in nicely with the start of this challenge. I think it is a great way to push me towards looking at my waste seriousy again. It has been a while since I actively looked at my consumption and waste so I think this will be a good first step moving towards zero waste. So during July I’m going to try to keep the plastic that I buy and throw to a minimum! I am going to analyze where the plastic comes from and try to eliminate or find ways around it. Since I am on vacation half the month and we will be in the archipelago with Mr LILs family it will be harder to keep track of plastic packaging for food but I will try.

Hopefully after July I will have gotten far in reducing plastic even more in our lives and finding alternatives so that I can move on to minimizing other areas of waste.

Here is an inspiring video about an Australian family living a zero waste life:

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