Tiny house plans

Me and Mr LIL have been busy with the next step in our big picture plan: building a tiny house! It all started with a discussion about wanting to have a garden to grow food in. Both me and Mr LIL are as you know outdoorsy people and while we love our apartment both of us want to have access to more outdoor space. We examined different options – what if we got a summer place? What if we moved to a house outside of Stockholm? Buying a house in Stockholm was out of the question because of the huge cost. As you know we settled on growing our plants in my dad garden that partly met our needs. It has been so much fun growing, eating and preserving our own vegetables and having somewhere we can work on a garden although we still felt quite couped up in our apartment.

Then one day a crazy idea hit me – what if we built a tiny house in my dads garden? We could then just step outside into a garden and we have already started growing food there. First I nervously broached the subject with Mr LIL, what if he thought I was completely mad for wanting to move from our lovely 64 square meter apartment into a 25 square meter house in my dads back yard?? But I did not have to worry, Mr LIL was immediately onboard! We then talked to my dad who had earlier expressed that we would enjoy building a tiny house in his back yard in a year or two and asked if maybe he could start these plans earlier and how he would feel about having us as tenants. He was positive about both so that marked the start of tiny house project!

The process started with Mr LIL and me figuring out the shape and layout of the house and Mr LIL drawing it up in his 3D program. It is going to be quite similar to our tiny house out in the archipelago that Mr LIL has also designed but this house is more adapted to permanent living.

The next step was to get permission from the neighbours since we intend to build the house quite close to their property line. They had no objection to this and thought it was a great idea. Now we are drawing up the plans to send to the municipality and have started to clear away vegetation from the area that we are going to build on.

This amazing opportunity will mean that we can house hack and reduce our living cost (which is the largest monthy expense) to zero through renting our apartment out while we live in the tiny house. We will pay some rent to my dad but the income from renting out the apartment should cover the apartments costs and this rent. We are planning on getting it water tight before winter hits and then finish it sometime during spring.

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