Tiny house progress December part 1

A step in our journey to financial independence is minimizing housing costs. We intend to do this by building a tiny house in my dads garden in the suburbs of Stockholm. It is a project we are undertaking with my dad and his partner where we will help to build the house and then will rent it from them. Our plan is to then rent our apartment out and eventually sell it at a good time. You can follow our journey on the page Tiny house.

We spent most of the weekend shoveling sand and gravel to make a flat surface that the house will sit on. The digger that had been digging during the week had done it slightly wrong so we had to dig a lot of the gravel up again and readjust the heights by hand. My back and arms definitely got an intense workout (it didn’t help that I did an extra long workout at the gym on Thursday…) and I could barely move when I tried to get out of bed on Sunday morning. Although it’s an amazing feeling to know what your body can manage!

What the site looked like whe we started on Saturday
Me trying and failing to take a picture from the same place as previously since there where huges piles of sand in the way
Piles of sand around the whole gravel bed that was dug out to lower the ground level

After we dug a lot of the gravel out and flattened the ground we then used a compactor to compact the ground so it won’t sink after we build on top of it and cause subsidence to the house. We had a brilliant laser with a receiver on a measuring stick that beeped when the ground was at the right level which simplified the process of getting the gravel level at the right height immensly.

Mr LIL driving the compactor

The house is on two levels with steps that has a root cellar underneath which complicates the foundation. The two different levels makes the loft much higher and will be well worth the effort. The trickiest part is getting the concrete mold for the root cellar in the right place.

Mr LIL and my dad trying to figure out the plywood mold for the root cellar.
The LIL wolf was running around
All our muddy clothes in the hallway after day 1 (it had been raining/snowing most of the day)

On the Sunday it wasn’t raining which was nice and we kept digging and flattening gravel and compacting the lower level.

Our final task was to start laying the¬†cellophane insulation that also works as a mold for the concrete. We didn’t quite finish it so my dad is going continue during the week. Before we pour the concrete we also need to work out where the pipes go and lay the reinforcing bars.

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