Tiny house progress December part 6

A step in our journey to financial independence is minimizing housing costs. We intend to do this by building a tiny house in my dads garden in the suburbs of Stockholm. It is a project we are undertaking with my dad and his partner where we will help to build the house and then will rent it from them. Our plan is to then rent our apartment out and eventually sell it at a good time. You can follow our journey on the page Tiny house.

Things are going steadily forward with the tiny house! This will be the last update for 2018 since the next time we are working it will be 2019! The weather is holding up with not too much snow and only a couple of minus degrees allthough it is very icy on both the ground and the concrete so we are slipping about a lot. It feels a bt nerve racking to be balancing ladders but we are being as careful as we can! I am adopting the layering technique to not get cold from being outside all day. For example I have been wearing long johns, my fleece exercise pants, sweatpants and then ski pants and my legs haven’t been cold at all! As the Swedish saying goes: det finns inget dåligt väder bara dåliga kläder (there isn’t any bad weather only bad clothes)!

at the start of the day
at the end – more framework in place

A fun job was nailing the wooden panel in place on the first wall so it actually looks like a house! It is going to be painted light yellow with a white trim to match the big house.

Unfortunately of all the machines and loud noises that the LIL wolf has encountered on site like the compactor, the sawing machine, drilling concrete, the sound of the automatic nail gun is the one noise that affects her. She gets all anxious and shakes like a leaf. After a full day of trying to get her used to the sound and to show her that nothing bad happens she got better but is still not calm. It is unfortunate since we will be using the nail gun a lot… I guess it is the unpredictability of the noise that makes her anxious.

a lot of yawning – a sign of uncertainty in dogs

We have almost finished with the framework, we just have a few more trusses and frame parts to put up before we start with the roof. We also clad a bit more of the house in wind breaking material.

each of the squares will then get insulating material on the inside and the wooden panel on the outside
getting a sense of the loft with the square window which will sit above the headboard
the side that we finally got in place and adjusted to the right height!

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