Tiny house progress January part 2

A step in our journey to financial independence is minimizing housing costs. We intend to do this by building a tiny house in my dads garden in the suburbs of Stockholm. It is a project we are undertaking with my dad and his partner where we will help to build the house and then will rent it from them. Our plan is to then rent our apartment out and eventually sell it at a good time. You can follow our journey on the page Tiny house.

We spent the last day of our holiday last weekend on the roof of the tiny house. I was definitely challenging my fear of heights! We managed to lay part of the roof over the kitchen area and then cover up the rest. The windows are coming anytime so soon we’ll have a weather proof house! We just need to finish the wooden panels and the roof. We discovered that the living room window wasn’t centered so my dad spend some time redoing the window placement to make it look more symmetric.

I’m keeping close to the roof just incase
we almost have a roof!
new window placement and the wooden panels going up around it

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