Tiny house progress January part 3

A step in our journey to financial independence is minimizing housing costs. We intend to do this by building a tiny house in my dads garden in the suburbs of Stockholm. It is a project we are undertaking with my dad and his partner where we will help to build the house and then will rent it from them. Our plan is to then rent our apartment out and eventually sell it at a good time. You can follow our journey on the page Tiny house.

We spent both Saturday and Sunday building the house last weekend. It is supposed to get cold and snowy so we wanted to get the roof on before it arrived. We started Saturday morning by realizing the roof was crooked… After the initial panic of thinking we might have to take part of the house down we put our heads together and came up with a plan of just cutting part of the structure and then lowing the roof.

you can kind of see the curved shape of the roof
My dad and Mr LIL lowering the roof
Mr LIL checking out the lowered roof

It took most of the morning for my dad and Mr LIL to fix the roof while me and my dads partner worked on the wooden paneling on the back wall.

In the afternoon me and Mr LIL were up on the roof again. My dad and his partner had finished the roof boards on Friday so our job was to put the roofing felt on so that the roof will be weather proof.

We continued with the roof on Sunday.

I am glad to say that we’ve managed to finish the roof (except for one part because the material ran out but it’s covered with tarp) so now we have a weather proof house! The windows are arriving next week but since we have been working quite intensly we will now take a well deserved break from working on the house for a while.

2 thoughts on “Tiny house progress January part 3”

  1. Wow, so exciting to build such a tiny house. I am happy for you, I guess your it will have a positive impact on your personal finances. I would have loved to do the same in our garden, but it is too small and it is not possible for us to build another building in our garden. In that case we need to move somewhere else which we have considered but not more than that. Having a smaller house (tiny house) on your garden and rent it or as you will do, rent your apartment, is such a good way to earn some extra passive income, especially with todays tax rules in Sweden.

    1. I know! I can’t wait to move in 🙂 Yes we are hoping to save a lot since renting out our apartment will hopefully cover our housing costs completely so we’ll be living for “free”. I see, thats a shame. Well if you do end up moving sometime you know to look for a garden where a tiny house can fit 🙂

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