Tiny house progress October part 2

A step in our journey to financial independence is minimizing housing costs. We intend to do this by building a tiny house in my dads garden in the suburbs of Stockholm. It is a project we are undertaking with my dad and his partner where we will help to build the house and then will rent it from them. Our plan is to then rent our apartment out and eventually sell it at a good time. You can follow our journey on the page Tiny house

My dad and his friend had already brought down half the birch tree which is the last one that needs to come down. We took care of the leaves and branches like with the other two trees and then felled the bottom part of the tree. It made a huge crash when it came down and the whole ground shook! We also took down a damaged branch that was going to be too close to the new house anyways. So now we are finished with the prework and the next step is to get an excavator to start digging out where the house is going to sit.

On the drawing side we came up with a new plan of lowering part of the house down under ground level so that we can get more ceiling height on the sleeping loft. It will make a huge difference so we can hopefully walk hunched to the bed and not have to crawl. My dad has also started on the roof trusses and tomorrow he will order the windows which take the longest time to get delivered. The plan is to get the house watertight as soon as possible so that we can work on the inside during the winter.

Half the tree was already down when we arrived
Chopping up the trunk of the birch
We also took the branch on the tree to the left which had partly broken off
I could help more this time

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