Why second hand rocks

I got into buying things second hand to minimize my impact on the planet.  Buying brand new stuff really isn’t necessary in a world where so much stuff has already been produced and it is such a waste of the earth’s resources! What I wasn’t thinking of then is the side effect of it also being much cheaper! It really is a win-win situation! Since what you are looking for might not be available straight away it also gives the added benefit of really having to evaluate if you need X or if it was just an impulsive urge. You fall into the instant gratification trap so easily today since you practically can decide you want something, buy it within seconds and get it the next day. Having to wait for the right item to show up gives you time to think. I really like the 72 hour rule in this Frugalwoods post my foolproof method to stop impulse spending.  To wait 72 hours before buying something makes you see your need (which most times is just an unnecessary want) in a clearer light. Maybe you already have something at home that can fill the need? Can you borrow it from someone? or can you buy it second hand? Here are some examples what I have bought second hand over the years:

  • furniture – sofa, chairs, lamps, table, side board, wardrobe and so on
  • clothes – pants, tops, jacket
  • shoes – running shoes, rain boots
  • things – puzzles, school books, decorations, utensils, plates
  • electronics – iPad, mobile phone, camera
Great camera for around a third of the price

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