One week left until the wedding

We have been planning and fixing things for the wedding for the past two weeks after we came back from our vacation. At this point with one week to go it feels like we have most things under control. Since I love planning this is just a fun time and not that stressful which is nice. Next week is going to be intensive with wedding related things to do every day but it is also going to be so much fun. I am off work from Wednesday and Mr LIL from Thursday which is good so that we have time to get everything ready. Monday is a planning dinner with my brides maids, Mr LILs best man and our toast master. Tuesday I am picking up my dress from the tailor. Wednesday I’m getting my hair done, the tent is being det up and we are going to pick up the decor for the tent. Thursday is my facial treatment, buying all the food for our rehersal dinner, picking up the alcohol and baking the snacks we are going to serve at midnight. Friday we have a bunch of friends and family that are going to help out with setting everything up and then it is the rehersal dinner on Friday evening. And then it’s wedding time!!

Where we’re going to have the ceremony in just over a week!
Soon there will be a big tent on the court!

I am so excited for the wedding! I can’t wait to be Mrs LIL! It is going to be so much amazing to have all our friends and family gathered and to be able to hang out with everyone and celebrate our day. The weather looks a little shaky but I’m thinking that it is going to be sun (but we have a back up plan of course since we live in Sweden)! Then we’re going to Spain for ten days to Mr LILs parents apartment. We haven’t been there yet and it is going to be so nice to have a very open honeymoon where we can decide how much we want to do. I’m looking forward to some more vactaion a lot!

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