Wedding decorations

Now it’s less than 2 months left until the wedding! Everything is pretty much booked which is nice so that we can have a relaxing vacation before. Mr LIL and I went over to my aunts on Wednesday to finish making some decorations for our tent. We made three greenery “chandeliers” which will have some real greenery mixed with some fake ivy, paper flowers, white fabric strips, LED lights and ribbons hung up on a metal circle structure. Mr LIL was made the structure and me, my aunt and my mum where making paper flowers.

The flowers are made from cake paper and coffee filters. The fabric strips are from an old sheet and the metal structure is from my aunts summer place where she found them lying around.

All the other decorations we will also mostly make ourselves. The tent will be decorated in greenery that we will pick out in the woods by my aunts house. I am using glass containers from coconut oil that I buy as vases and the candle holders are made from wood that my dad has cut. I will be painting lots of pinecones I have collected in white and we will make the signs ourselves from left over wooden planks at Mr LILs summerhouse. The only thing we’ve bought is the fake ivy, the LED lights, some fabric for decorating our chairs and “Mr and Mrs” signs made from wood.

My aunt had also made really cool “dandelion balls” that we are also going to hang in the tent:

The finished “chandeliers”!

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