Hi there reader, welcome to my blog!

This page is set up to help you navigate my blog since I write about a couple different topics that all kind of overlap. Depending on what angle you want to approach my blog from here are some guidelines:

  • If you want to read about my main topic: reducing your environmental impact head straight over to the Why Low Impact Life and What is Low Impact life. There are lots of tips and also a pdf guide Low Impact Life Guide.
  • I think living a healthy life is of utmost importance and have therefore written about how I approach my diet, exercise and generally helping my human animal thrive in the I Shape Me section. This is just how I think about it for myself and I am in no way an expert or want to tell people what to do but if you are interested in this topic you can see from which sources I draw my inspiration from here.
  • I am currently undergoing a year long happiness project which you can read more abot here.
  • I also have a section dedicated to living frugally so that I can save a high percent of my income and work towards financial independence. If this intrigues you head on over to the Frugality section. Living frugally also reduces your impact on the environment substancially so the topic is tightly woven with living a Low Impact Life.