Here at the summer place the neighbors have gone together and started a beehive this year. I got to dress up in protective clothing and get a proper look today.

A bee colony is so fascinating! This hive had around 20 000 bees and they have already started to produce some honey along with many larvae. We also saw the queen that lays all the eggs (which can be around 2000 eggs/day!).

Bees are very important for our food production. They pollinate around a third of the food we eat!! The bees give us this ecosystem service for free compared to having to do this ourselves which would be extremely costly or might even be impossible. Unfortunately bee populations over the world are declining steadily. They are threatened by pesticides, diseases, monocultures and habitat destruction.

Since I’ve read a lot about ecosystem services, nature conservation and the threats the bees face it was really fun to actually see a hive in real life. Also I love the fact that they are producing their own honey (which we will hopefully get to taste at some point)!

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