Documentaries about the environment

I have watch most of the environmental documentaries that I’ve come across. In this post I want to share the ones that I think are good. They’re in no particular order.

An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gores documentary about climate change makes the list of course.

Years of Living Dangerously

A documentary series where different “celebrities” examine different aspects of climate change. Some of the people in the series are Harrison Ford, Matt Damon, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jessica Alba.


This documentary is about orcas in captivity and the “accidents” that have caused the deaths of their trainers. The orcas are slowly going mad in their tanks because of their ecolocation and their sounds that bounces on the tank walls. After the documentary Sea World in USA has said that the orcas they have are going to be the last generation in captivity.

The Cove

The documentary follow a team that are trying to get in and find out what is happening with the dolphins in Taiji, Japan. Thousands of dolphins are slaughtered in the cove every year and a lot of the meat ends up in schools despite the fact that dolphin meat is very high in mercury. A truth that needed to come out!

This Changes Everything

A strong documentary from Naomi Klein. She looks at climate change from the local perspective and follows people that are fighting the ever expanding fossil fuel industries around the world.

End of the line 

This documentary looks closer at our oceans and the fishing industry. It’s very scary the extinction that is happening.


Gasland looks at the newest way to get fossil fuels from the ground – fracking. The method pumps huge amounts of water and chemicals into the ground leading to health issues for the local communities and negative environmental impact. The method is spreading at an alarming rate in America with barely any regulations.

Racing Extinction

We are in the sixth mass extinction at the moment. This documentary looks at different aspects of this issue and how humans are contributing to most of it. It finishes with a cool projector show of animals on buildings in New York.

The True Cost

This documentary takes a closer look at fast fashion and its consequences for people in garment factories and the environment. Toxic chemicals, horrible work conditions, neurological diseases, suicides among cotton farmers and poisoning of the environment are just a few factor that your cheaply bought top is associated to.

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