The Amazing Blocket

In Sweden Blocket is a natural part of most peoples lives. It’s a website that allows you to sell and buy second hand things all over Sweden. It’s great! I’ve used Blocket to buy and sell many things over the years for example I’ve bought my sofa table, Nike running shoes, iPad, mobile phone and sold clothes, sofa, chairs (and much more!). Now on my path to Low Impact Life Blocket is going to take an even bigger role in my life since I have a goal not to buy anything new that can be rented, borrowed or bought second hand.

What’s interesting is that while most Swedes wont give Blocket an extra thought (since it’s so ingrained in our way of selling and buying second hand) it’s beeing used internationally as a very successful example of a sharing economy solution that really works. The fact that close to everyone in Sweden knows about the website and 8 out of 10 have bought or sold something on Blocket is very impressive indeed.

Blocket has calculated with the help of IVL (Swedish Environmental Institute) that the stuff that is bought and sold by Blocket instead of buying new saves:

1 553 000 CO2 every year!

  • They compare it to if all the roads in Sweden were empty for a month
  • If 16 000 football fields were planted with trees
  • That all the Swedish cows stopped burping for 6 months

Pretty cool! So next time you’re thinking of buying something check out Blocket first!

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